Iscuss 18th century dress for women in France

Hi, I have to write an essay on the topic of Discuss 18th century dress for women in France. However, my tutor only allowed us to use the reading list that she gave us as the sources, strictly no other sources are accepted. I will copy the whole instruction of the essay below. Also, I am a non-english speaker, my IELTS writing score is only 6. Therefore, please use simple English for the essay because my tutor knows wheres my English level up to.

Learning Outcomes:
When marking your essay, I will assess that you were able to:
LO1. Select and apply the relevant research methods to analyse the meaning of a work of art or dress in their cultural context.
LO2. Discuss the findings of an individual research in a coherent and relevant written form.
LO4. Develop skills in structuring your ideas and meeting deadlines.

Essay question: i??Discuss 18th century dress for women in Francei??


Your essay must include ALL the following parts. Each part must be identified with its heading.

Critical Review of Sources
Development of Dress
English Dress
Reference List


It should be short (5-7 sentences should be enough).

Should contain:

A short explanation of the period & dress (very general):

Ex: The 16th century is marked by the dominance of Spanish fashion in the courts of Europe.

A short description of what you will do and how i?? you must NOT use the i??Ii?? form:

YES: This essay will explore how Spanish fashion came to shape European dress by analysing its
characteristics and how different nations adapted them to their own dress.

NO: I will explore, I will discuss, my essay, etc

You are NOT allowed to copy or refer to handouts or notes taken during lessons.

Critical Review of Sources: Critically review ALL the sources to study 18th century dress

Contextualise each source
Explain the type of information each source offers
Explain the limitations for each source.

Do not write i??contextualisationi?? or i??limitationi?? i?? however, create clear paragraphs for each section (click twice on the return key)


It should be short (7i??10 sentences should be enough).

Describe the different contexts of the period (political, economical, social, and cultural)

Explain the relationship between these contexts and dress during the period.

Development of Dress:

Describe the development of French dress during the century in a chronological order i??

You need to describe ALL the different types of dress which developed during the period.

Make sure to include:

1 sentence at the beginning of this section where you explain the general movement you see in
dress during the period.
Fabrics and patterns

Do not write i??silhouettesi??, i??understructuresi?? however, create clear paragraphs for each section (click twice on the return key)

English Dress:

Explain the differences and similarities between dress in France and dress in England.


The essay is not about menswear, childreni??s wear, court dress, riding or hunting dress.

You should not describe the silhouettes by copying or paraphrasing from descriptions found in books: the descriptions must be coming from you and must be based on what you see on the images I have sent you.

When you describe, make sure to use the proper terminology of the period discussed. If you are not sure, make sure to consult the glossaries found at the end of Aileen Ribeiroi??s books.


Summarize what you have discussed (5 sentences should be enough).

You must NOT add any new information.

Reference List: List all the sources you have used to write your text. Use Harvard Referencing System.



No quotes (whole sentences from books) are allowed in this essay.

If you need to borrow an authori??s idea or information, you should paraphrase and reference accordingly, using Harvard Referencing System.

Reading List:

You must strictly use the publications mentioned in the reading list; no other sources will be accepted.

The books included in the reading list are available at the college library

Some of these books are out of print or very expensive, but they are major publications on the subject and must be included in the reading list.

You can also try the V&Ai??s library, and the British Library. Bear in mind that ALL the university and college students of London will be writing their final assessments too!!! The British Library will be extremely busy at this time of year.


It is extremely important that you divide your text into paragraphs i?? every 100 words or so, make sure to create a paragraph by inserting a double space.

Level of English:

You must use an academic level of written English i?? no American slang words or contractions will be allowed.

Make sure to run a UK Spelling Check before you hand your essay in.

Reading List for essay 2015


Bridgeman Art Library. and Graham-Dixon, A. (2008), Art : the definitive visual guide. London: Dorling Kindersley.

Gombricht, E., (2009), The Story of Art, London: Phaidon

Honour, H. and Flemming, J., (1999), A World History of Art, London: Lawrence King.

Stokstad, M., Cateforis, D. and Addiss, S. (2005) Art history. Rev. 2nd edn. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Tarabra, D. (2008) European art of the eighteenth century. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum. (Art through the centuries).


Arnold, Janet, (1989), Patterns of Fashion: 1660-1860, Vol. 1, MacMillan.

Boucher, F., (1996), A History of Costume in the West, London: Thames and Hudson.

Hart, A., and North, S., (1998), Historical Fashion in detail: 17th and 18th centuries, London: V&A Publications.

Laver, James, (2012), Costume and Fashion: A Concise History, London: Thames & Hudson

Ribeiro, A., (1983), A Visual History of Costume: 18th century, London: Drama Publication.

Ribeiro, A., (2002), Dress in 18th century Europe: 1715-1789, Yale University Press.

Rothstein, N., (1999), Four Hundred Years of Fashion, London: V&A Publications.

Steele, V., (2010), The Berg Companion to Fashion, Oxford, New York: Berg

Welters, L., and Lillethun, A., (2011), The Fashion Reader, 2nd edition, New York/Oxford: Berg publisher

The above is all the reading list, you do not have to use all the books as references but the more the better. Thank you!

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