Iscuss a monopoly market of your choice

Dear writter,
I need a paper that explain any monopolistic market of my choice with graphs and numbers
Here are a list of examples, feel free to choose the one you prefere or another one that is not in my list. However please notify me with an email when you have made your choice.

Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Philip Morris, DuPont, Walmart, Ford, Toyota, Virgin, JP Morgan, General Electric, Federal Reserve

I have a little preference for Walmart and Virgin but feel free to choose the one you find the more interesting. Also the Federal reserve is very interseting because they monoplize the entire world, they control the money supply and what is awarded to the federal banks but the federal reserve is a company and is not regulated or governed by any government. But again feel free to choose whatever you prefere.

Make sure that when you are explaining something, you do it with the numbers of the firm you choose and not some abstract numbers that you set up just to make a general statement.
Therefore it is very important that you put number and concret example that you can back up with graphs.
Graphs should include: average total cost, regulated price, marginal cost, average total cost….

the book: EconomicsN Gregory Mankiw and Mark P Taylor (Chapter 15) can be very usefull for he graphs.
You dont have a minimum number of sources to use.

Best regards