Iscuss a qualitative methodology in relation to answering a chosen research question

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Iscuss a qualitative methodology in relation to answering a chosen research question

You are asked to produce a 1500 word essay entitled:

Discuss a qualitative methodolgy in relation to answering a chosen research question. (I would like you to writer about phenomenology OR case study as a method)

My instructions for the essay;
Discuss includes an exploration, explenation and justification. You need to think carefully and critically about what you read to ensure you demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate. Your essay will be supported by references from the literature, where appropriate.
Initially you may find it useful to read general qualitative textbooks (see module outline for some examples) to explore various methodologies and consider an appropriate research question and methodology.
You need first to decide on a particular research question, that you may or may not want to pursue for your dissertation. Once decided, you will then identify an appropriate methodology. The essay will start by starting the research question. There is no need to justify or explain the research question; you simply need to state it at the start of the essay.
You will then explain the key characteristics of this methodology in terms of its ontological and epistemological assumptions and the broad characteristics of this methodology. You are expected touse and reference key methodological textbooks, these are typically focused on the methodology and often are named accordingly. A few recent journal articles related to the methodology may also be used to help explain the methodology.There is no set of number of books and journal articles to use but as a guide we might expect somewhere between 6 and 20. Marks are awarded for the quality and appropriateness of references. It is not expected that you discuss the findings of research studies that have used the methodology. A short section maximum 250 words may explain the methods of data collection and analysis used with this methodology.

Essay layout:
Normally a coursework essay will have three broad sections an introduction, the main body of the text and a conclusion.

-the introduction provides a clear outline of what the essay covers. It relates the content of the essay to the broader context.

The body of the essay includes all the content and arguments you wish to put forward. AS this section will be lengthy it will often be divided into sub sections., which may be several paragraphs long and headings may provide the reader with helpful signposting. Each sub section will highlight the salient points and there will be obvious connections to what has gone before and what will follow. Vague generalisations are best avoided. Best to say what you mean clearly and consisely. Statments will be supported by evidence or referenced to some authority as appropriate. Each paragraph should be offering a key point and so with several paragraphs an argument is being developed. The text should flow from one sentence to the next and from one paragraph to the next so the reader can follow your argument.

the conclusion summarises what has been said and where appropriate, indicated what can be deduced from the arguments. New information will not be introduced. the conclusion is very important, if it is well written it will leave the reader with a lasting and favourable impression of your work.

(I am a physiotherapist, so you might use examples in relation to that.)

The document will be word processed in, printed in size 11 font with 1.5 line spacing. Essay will be written in third person in past tense.