Iscuss a small change in practice that you would like to see happen where you work.

The area for change is to introduce a balanced nutritional menu in a residential home for people with mental health issues / learning disabilities.
The reason for change is that the residents prefer to choose processed meals, eat fast food, lack in vegetables and fruit etc. And the home needs to change to a more nutritionally balanced menu
Promote and discuss the right to choice and argue the point from both sides a relate UK legislation + policies
Explain the difference between evidence and opinion and reference (only one paragraph or so)
There must be a literature review of at least 1000 words included in the work explaining the importance and benefits of good nutrition for people with mental health issues.
It must explain evidence why poor nutrition for the client base is a problem and who says so
There must be discussion on the effect of poor nutrition on the same client group.
It must show suggestions for change and why and how and who says so.
There must be a review of at least 6-8 reports surveys and sources for the literature review.
Introduce change models and briefly explain choose one and explain why
Next briefly discuss management models and models of management change and theories of change. I would like to Use Lewin to implement the chosen change. As a result please compare and contrast Lewin to Kotter and explain the rationale for using Lewin.
Explain the implementation of the change using the chosen model and what actions would be undertaken to make the change i.e. Staff training, new menu etc
Explain what leadership is and explain why good leadership in the change is required
Explain the importance of good communication in implementing change.
Please relate to UK legislation Including
National Occupational Standards
Knowledge & Skills Framework
Department of Health
Social Care Council Codes of Practice
CQC Essential standards of care
CQC Regulations
General Social Care Council code of practice
Learning outcomes that must be covered
1 Articulate the difference between evidence and opinion
2 To construct a literature review + research on the chosen topic
3 To discuss the concepts of service development and improvement
4 Demonstrate the ability to apply management and change management theory to practice