Iscuss a theme that is common to two or three of the novels (I have mention them in order instrucutions)

its a 5 pages essay for my english class at university and what it has to be done is to discuss a theme that is common to two or three of the novels that I am mentioning bellow :
-Pride and Prejudie-Austen
-Wuthering Heights-Bronte
-Dr.JeckyII and Mr Hyde-Stevenson
-Mrs Dalloway-Woolf
One of these novels must include one of the following novels: The outsider by Camus or The Namesake byJhumpa Lahiri.So in other words, choose one of this two last novels(The outsider or the namesake)and then, from the list above, choose another one or two novels.
Yoy may choose to discuss similarities or diferrences in the texts.
Make sure you introduce the theme clearly and make specific references to the novels, using quotes(please using quotes,write the page number)and closing readings of specific passages.
You do not need to use outside sources but the essay must be in MLA format,with a clear introduction and conclusion.
Here are some possible themes:
-Narrative style.
-cultural/topical references.
-Conforming to peer pressure.
-The individual in society.
-Travel as metaphor.
-Interior dialogues.
-Attitudes to death.
-Gender roles.
-Nature as a symbol.
-the importance of social relationships.
So, in other words, choose theme and how two different writers (or three it depends if you choose two or three novels)deal with the theme. (from the writers point of view).
Please, dont forget that one of the novel has to be The Outsider -Camus or The Namesake-lahiri. and the other one or two novel, you can choose which ever you feel like.
Thank you so much! Very kind from you.