Iscuss a theme that you see in more than one of Dickinsonas poems, for example, death, deprivation, freedom, imagination, identity, etc.

Write a 3 page typed essay on the following topic. This essay must be logically organized, grammatically correct, clearly and precisely worded and sufficiently supported with quotations and/or details from the work. It should also provide a comprehensive analysis of the issue in question, and any literary analysis should eventually lead to an explanation of the theme of the work. Make a claim about the poem/s and support it with specific details.
Your essay must be in standard essay format (see Essay Elements document) and based on your own ideas, but you are also required to use at least three secondary sources. Each source must be cited in the body of the paper at least once and listed on a works cited page. All aspects of the paper will be in MLA format, including citations and works cited. For your secondary sources, you may NOT use SparkNotes, eNotes, GradeSaver, Cliffs Notes, Wikipedia, general encyclopedias, or any others listed in the Unacceptable Sources document.
Your essay will be submitted to is a software program that detects plagiarism; therefore, it is very important that you quote and cite your sources properly. ratings above 25% (not including quoted material) can result in a zero for the assignment.