Iscuss an artwork by researching information in the library.

o Title of artwork
o Name of artist
o Medium (i.e. painting+ oil on canvas)
o Date
o Location (name of museum, gallery, etc.)
o Style
o Function
o Subject matter
o Description of 3 formal elements and/or principles of art and how they are used
o Content/meaning
o Cultural/Historical Context
o Correct use of at least 5 extra vocabulary words from the reading, discussion, or videos (highlight these)

You may use the following types of sources:

1. A book (not our textbook) or art magazine (from library, i.e. Art Forum)
2. Online sources: Online database from libraryas website or museum website only (no other websites!)
3. Museum pamphlet or plaque

Attention! You must CITE your sources! Uncited information will result in a failing grade or request to correct the paper.

500 words
Double spaced
MLA format