Iscuss an issue in the news that has local, national or international importance, and has importance to you.

Take a stand on an issue, either for or against it(but not both)
Your thesis must name the issue in question, your stand on that issue, and the three or four major reasons for that stand.
In your introductory paragraph, briefly state the main points of issue that you are discussing.
Unless otherwise clear, state why the issue has local, national or international importance.
In each body paragraph discuss one reason in detail.Also in each body paragraph, use one or two quotes from qualifies sources to help explain your position. At least one of the quotes must be from a print source(book or periodical, for example). Do not quote from reference works, such as dictionaries and Wikipedia.
In your concluding paragraph, discuss why the issue is important to you personally.
Immediately following the text, present a Works Cited page listing the sources from which you obtained your quote.