Iscuss and analyse strategies used by UK primary school teachers to develop the communication and literacy of primary age children

This order needs to be completed by someone who is very knowledgeable about primary schools in the UK, and the topics of communication and literacy, and speaking and listening in primary schools in the UK. The assignment specifics are as follows: Analyse activities that contribute to the development of speaking and listening, writing and reading in children. Analyse and evaluate the strategies used to meet the needs of individual children, evaluating methods used with normal children and also specifically those with EAL, Special Needs and Gifted and Talented Children. The essay should include
1. An explanation of the recent increased emphasis on the use of Talkin the National Curriculum, to support reading and writing activities.
2. Examples of specific activities that you have observed or have read about where speaking activities have been used to (a) support writing (b) support reading. Each activity should be analysed and evaluated in terms of its impact on pupils responses and outcomes; does the activity meet the needs of individual children and their range of ability?
3. Issues that may arise in a multicultural and socially mixed classroom with regard to the use of standard English. You should consider how childrens different backgrounds with regard to language and dialect can be respected by teachers, while at the same time their ability to write standard English is reinforced.
4. Consider other benefits for the child (e.g. social development, a desire to read more widely) that arise from an emphasis on talk and communication to support reading and writing in the classroom.
In order to achieve the desired level, this essay must be structured in a way that is consistently logical and fluent. Taken as a whole, it must make use of relevant facts,ideas and theories, show breadth and depth and show excellent insight, analysis and synthesis. It must demonstrate an excellent response to the above demands. Excellent understanding of theory and development of the current approach to speaking and listening in the primary school classroom will be evident. Activities will be analysed as to their effectiveness in the development of communication and speaking skills in children. Examples of inspirational activities for use with EAL children, Special Needs children and Gifted and Talented Children will be given. Referencing and bibliography will be of an excellent standard.