Iscuss and Compare the Devices or Methods in the stories

Discuss and Compare the Devices or Methods in the stories, How Much Land Does a Man NeedBy Leo Tolstoy and The Tell-Tale Heartby Edgar Allen Poe.How do Tolstoy and Poe use these DEVICES to get their THEMES or MAIN IDEAS across? example, Time(possibly creating suspense or tension),The Supernatural(possibly driving the story forward),Dramatic Irony(When the reader knows something the character doesnt) and Metaphor(any form of descriptive, heightened language). Be specific! Dont just mention the Devices and Methods show how theyre used in the stores. Give examples and analyze! Use at lease one quotes from each text in backing up the ideas, be sure to discuss SPECIFIC PASSAGES in both text to prove your point, give authors name and page number. Its not a Comparison Essay”. Its about writers Devices and Methods and how they use them to tell their stories and make readers feel what their characters are feeling. Give essay a title. 650 words please. sources just from the two stories.