Iscuss Baroque in relation to Renaissance painting? Compare two key examples.

use 3 books in research (preferably Prebles Artforms being one of them).

Keep information focused on the question.

Use the following 3 theories set out in PreblesArtforms Chapter 5 to structure the paper and deepen the analysis:
1.formal theories: focusing on the composition of work and how its been influences by earlier works.
2.sociocultural theories: considering art as a product and of a culture and value system.
3.Expressive theories: paying attention to the artists attempt to express a personality or world view.

All quotations must be references clearly (in footnotes or MLA style) and a bibliography must be provided at the end. Refer to texts in clear quotations do not paraphrase. References and bibliography must be consistent, and quotations must be cited clearly (author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication and page number)

double line spacing, 12 point times new roman

no colloquial language

1 inch margins top, bottom, left, and right

1500 words total