Iscuss childrens rights from the perspective of children themselves

This essay title is: Discuss children s rights from the perspective of children themselves.

* This essay should be formed:
1) Introduction
100~150 words
(For exampleShort mention about children s rights and children s rights from the perspective of children themselves)

2) Main body (should be discussion)
500 words
For example&
Children s opinion (perspectives) about their rights to participate and
decision making
Why children s perspectives on their rights are important (with theory)
However, recent social situation / children s experiences

3) Conclusion
150 words

*In essay, after quotation from book, should mention:
 & & & . (publish year, Family name of theorist or writer: page number)
Like& (2000, Bruce:84)

* I attached one useful reading document which is &
Morrow, V. (1999)  We are People too: Children s and young people s perspectives on children s rights and decision making in England International Journal of children s rights. Vol. 7

->> This journal is involved in core reading for this essay. Please read this journal and use this journal to write this essay.

**Other bibliography
Alston, P. et al (1992) Children, Rights and the law (esp Chs. 105, 14&15) Oxford, Clarendon Press
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