Iscuss, critically, Descartesa two proofs for the existence of God?

First proof:
1- if I have an idea of a perfect being, then must actually exist a perfect being as it is cause . (Why? Because the cause of something must be as great or greater than effect)
2- I do have an idea of a perfect being .
3- Therefore, there must actually exist a perfect being.

Second proof:
1- Anyone can conceive of god who is perfect in every way. ( in fact ,this is one of the dictionary definitions of god)
2- Such a God would be a being who possessed every perfection.
3- Existence is a perfection (An actually existing God is better than god is who is just a figment of the imagination.)
4- a?A being who possessed every perfection but was just imaginarya? is a contradictory notion. ( in other words, you would be contradicting yourself if you said that you can imagine a god perfect in every way and that this god dose not exist )
5- Therefore, the God who was conceived of in premise1, above, must actually exist,
and i am agree with both