Iscuss critically the various ways that frontier rhetoric and imagery have been associated with or employed by C20th American Presidents

I was thinking as a start point that George W.Bushs recent usage of western and frontier rhetoric, these folks, yall posse directly after 9/11 would be a good example, he used these phrases accidentally but they proved popular so it seems that Carl Rove made more use of the cowboy connection.

Roosevelt was very self concious in his use of imagery and he made use of the imagery of the west and evoked frontier mythology, cross-reference this with JFK, who was not a cowboy and had a background as far removed from the west as possible but definitely aimed to make a connection with its imagery.

Lyndon B. Johnson was an actual Texan and had a ranch background and was cowboyesque in his apperance, please research this and make a point on him

Ronald Reagan; please make reference to his movie western career and how he then went on to use the connection and how/where he used western rhetoric

Nixon some stuff on him and how he loved jumping on bandwagons and would have loved to have been seen as an heroic western-style president please.
Roper, Jon; American presidents: heroic leadership from John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton
**Frederick Jackson Turner; The significance of the frontier in American history** (very important)
The term manifest destiny