Iscuss EITHER webcam girls OR the  stars of YouTube awards in relation to how digital culture creates new forms of celebrity?

Answer the questions. This is a RESEARCH essay. You must show understanding and the ability to evaluate module reading AND evidence of independent further reading and research of relevant academic sources.

Checklist: Before you submit, please ensure:
a) You have provided a WORD COUNT and have clearly identified the question you have chosen to answer.
b) Your work is DOUBLE SPACED and PAGE NUMBERS appear at the bottom of each page of your essay.
c) You have followed the guidelines for REFERENCING your work on WebLearn. This includes correctly referencing and formatting your citation of both written texts and media texts.
d) You have provided all relevant information in your BIBLIOGRAPHY and formatted this information according to the style set out on the WebLearn referencing guidelines.
e) You have read and understood the information on PLAGIARISM contained in the module booklet
Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in the loss of marks and, in the case of plagiarism, may result in more severe consequences.

DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA  This is not an acceptable academic source and its use will lower your grade considerably.