Iscuss/ evaluate/ critique The emergence of different forms of post primnary schooling in Ireland with specific focus on inclusion.

The main text for the course is the Drudy and Lynch book.
The essay is based on the idea of the changes which firstly have occured in the Educational system in Ireland. These changes include the introduction of free second level education for all. Then the types of schools that were in existence and their changes. e.g end of vocational and technical school and the start of community schools. Did this include more of less students?Did the changes in the types of schools available include more or less based on the theory of multiple intelligence? Or is it purely an academic education available now?

Who is included in our education system in Ireland? Travellers? Homosexuals? Ethnic minorities? Social disadvantaged? Diffenent faiths? How are they excluded?

How about gender equality in management and teaching? Are male and female teacher given the same opportunity for promotion to posts and VP and principal jobs? Is there inclusion of parents in the management of the schools?

Are male and female students treated the same?? Are the same subject choices available to all? Or are some excluded from certain subjects?

Is the selection process at intake in some schools excluding certain students? Should fees be allowed in some schools? Is streaming a basis of exclusion?

Does our education system cater for all types of intelligence or do we decide on which should be allowed? Therefore excluding all others?

Are teachers included properly in the education system or are they left in isolation between four walls in their classrooms?
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