Iscuss Evening: Landscape with Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault in terms of the changing notion of landscape in the 19th century

The first paper will address landscape paintings or photographs from 1800 through 1850. Select one landscape from the first half of the century(I CHOOSE EVENING: LANDSCAPE OF THE AQUEDUCT BY THEODORE GERICAULT) to discuss in terms of the changing notion of landscape. I advise using an work from the Metropolitan site. Dont choose one of the major works that we have discussed together. Thoughtful attention to visual language is important. Your paper should make an interpretation of your artwork based on close visual analysis of the work. Your paper should be structured in the following way: The introduction will explain who the artist is and give some historical context, perhaps concerning landscape painting in general. This paragraph will end with your thesis. A thesis is the point that you will be proving in the paper. For example: While faithful to the details of landscape, Constables Hay Wain misleadingly presents a calm and peaceful side of England at a time of rapid industrialization and change.(This is pretty much Lukachers argument). Note that I will not accept a paper without a thesis, Your following paragraphs will prove your argument using the formal analysis of the work. Consider composition, focal point, contrast of light and dark, color scheme, brushstrokes, space and setting, narrative, if any, and so on. You should not do much more reading than you already have done. Make sure to incorporate a quote from a primary source if at all possible. This paper should be 4-5 pages in length and is due March 9.

Please use the MET museum website for one of the sources.
You do not need to add footnotes, a bibliography at the end of the essay would be enough.
Thank you