Iscuss Goyas painting of the Colossus”: (1808-10)

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Essay question:
Discuss Goyas painting of the Colossus”(1808-10)
(Between the years 1808-10, Francisco Goya painted his famous work Colosoor Colossus”. Oil on canvas, 45.75*41.125″, 116cm*105cm. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.)

You should inform yourself about Goya. When did he flourish, what were his achievements? what is the theme of the picture? where did he paint it? Is there any background story behind it? Do you see, even without knowing anything of the historical facts and figures, what this picture meant to visulize?

*It should be 3 page essay NOT including bibliography.
Please briefly list the sources on the new piece of page.
*HINT: In the painting, the Coloso is facing back from the village. He is probabiliy trying to protect the village.

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