Iscuss how an understanding of sociology inform and influence the response of individual social workers and social work agencies.

Discuss how an understanding of sociology inform and influence the response of individual social workers and social work agencies.
A total of 3000 words comprising of four reflective pieces on the learning gained from the module and how each impacts on Social Work practice.
You are asked to refer to at least 4 sociological perspectives, e.g Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Black Perspectives, Post Modernism. You may choose to look at sub-divisions of these perspectives eg Radical Feminism, Marxist Feminism, Black Marxist etc etc.
You are asked to refer specifically to at least 4 and no more than 6 service user groups.
a) Working with adults with mental health problems
b) Working with people from diverse religious backgrounds
c) Working with individuals and groups describing themselves as trans-gender
d) Working with people with alcohol or substance dependency problems
e) Working with offenders and their families
f) Working with people on the sex offenders register
g) Working with families who have children on the child protection register
h) Working with asylum seekers
i) Working with women who have experienced domestic violence
j) Working with individuals & families who are dependent on social security benefits for their income.
k) Working with people with physical disabilities
l) Working with people with learning disabilities.

You are asked to use your understanding of sociology to summarise what you think are the key issues for social workers and social work agencies in working with various groups of people AND how this understanding might influence the work of social workers and social work agencies.
Your assignment as a whole must address the learning outcomes for the module.
o Evaluate the application of sociological concepts to family, identity, cultural experience and to individual behaviour.
o Reflect on personal learning and the relevance of a range of sociological concepts and their application to social work practice.


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