Iscuss how curatorial practices shape an exhibition.

For the essay you are asked to choose one London based exhibition. The exhibition can be historical, contemporary or a show that has both. When you have chosen your exhibition I would like you to critically evaluate the exhibition. You must clearly state what curatorial practices are present in the exhibition, you must critically consider the location and type of exhibition you are writing about. It is essential that you critically contextualise the debates that arise from your chosen exhibition.

Below is a suggested reading list. If you could use at least one of these it would be good but is not essential.

Carrier, David, (2003) Writing About visual Art, New York: Allworth Press.

Marincola, Paula (ed.) (2007) What makes a Great Exhibition? USA:Philadelfia Exhibitions Initiative.

Rand, Stephen (ed.) (2007) Cautionary tales: Critical Curating. UK: APEXART

Rugg, Judith (ed.), (2007) Issues in Curating Contemporary Art and Performance. Bristol: Intellect Books.
labelled colour images. All quotes and paraphrases must be referenced in the Harvard manner.