Iscuss how different approach in economic geography can help us to understand regional development in Europe ?

Please i want my introduction to be saying what will be discussed in the essay, general information about economic geography, what is meant by it and how is it used. And how is regional developmemt in europe is managed and in what ways. You can give a brief history. And the body i want it to be divided into 3 part, two different body explaining two type of economic geography separately give example of countries, or laws that has been made in europe shows what are the positive and negative side of economic geography on these countries an how it helped them, then in the last paragraph of the body state how these economic approaches that has been applied helped us in regional development refer to examples to proof what your are saying. In the end conclusion recapping what has been mentioned and if you can find a solution if you stated a negative point of view. And also i want a trusted references, from books, , articles, and academic.