Iscuss how disease may affect each of the steps in the oxygen cascade

General comment.

1. It is important that a succinct (brief but clear) explanation is provided of the physiological basis for the change in each step.
Examples of diseases/disorders (not all diseases) affecting these steps need to be included but do not provide an in-depth discussion of the diseases/disorders.
2. Do not have to explain/describe the gas laws but it may be appropriate to mention where they are significant. e.g. …the partial pressure will thus decrease according to daltons law of partial pressures.
3. you do not need to include detail of the metabolic pathways other than to recognise the impact on the cellular (and hence tissue) P02 of oxygen flux through metabolism e.g. McArdles syndrome will impact with the oxygen cascade.
4. APA referencing system to be used.
5. Some good general internet sites-