Iscuss how human resource management practices are managed within small business and big business.

In your essay
i‚· Define small business, big business.
i‚· Identify two to three HRM practices and discuss their importance for managers in managing organisations (eg recruitment, selection, remuneration, employment and industrial relations, organisational development).
i‚· Discuss at least one consideration that might create differences between organisations (eg, context, growth cycle, timing, costs, trends, systems, resources).
i‚· Evaluate the considerations for HRM practices within small and big business.
i‚· Include examples that support your essay.

The final essay must contain the following sections (in accordance with a business essay format):
i‚· Introduction
i‚· The main body with headings and sub-headings to delineate sections
i‚· Conclusion
i‚· References

references must include:
i‚· a minimum of 6 peer reviewed journal articles
i‚· 2 books
i‚· 2 popular media articles such as newspaper articles, business magazines, or current affairs programmes (Late Line, 4 Corners, 7.30 Report, Business Sunday, Cutting Edge etc.)

you find 2 books & media article related to topic.