Iscuss how investment in management consultancy can represent value for an organisation? How can this value be assessed?

Assignment briefing

A. Your task
This is an assignment where I am asking you to think about the purpose and role of management consultancy a from the client perspective. Why should spending money and investing time in allowing consultants to work with an organisation be worthwhile?
B. Background
1. The survival of management consultancy as a profession is its on-going ability to justify the value it delivers to clients.
2. Individual consultants can only secure work and maintain relationships with clients through developing credibility based on delivering meaningful and valuable work.
3. The consultancy profession is poorly regulated and many new (and brief!) entrants to the profession further undermine its reputation by delivering poor quality work under the banner of a?consultancya.
4. This has been a particularly critical issue during the current recession, with the public and private sector looking for ways to reduce a?unnecessarya expenditure and consultancy has been a natural target of this.
C. Primary objectives
The primary objectives are those objectives that your assignment must address in order to achieve a pass mark.
1. You must demonstrate a clear understanding of what management consultancy is a using a recognised definition and an explanation of a clear approach.
2. You must identify and discuss what is meant by a?valuea in the context of consultancy interventions.
3. You must set out how value can be practically delivered to a client using direct examples (not necessarily real life examples).
4. 4. You must define how a client can judge whether they have realised value for money from their investment in consultancy
D. Secondary objectives
In addition to the primary objectives the secondary objectives provide guidance on areas the assignment should seek to include for additional credits (i.e. a higher mark):
1. Identify and discuss different kinds of a?valuea that can be delivered by a consultant
2. Identify and discuss where in the definitions and/or process of management consultancy, consultants can deliver particular value when compared to other professionals/individuals
3. Discuss what is meant by a?addeda or a?additionala value in the context of consulting
4. Offer your own thoughts on the notion of delivering or assessing value in consultancy
5. Discuss circumstances where there is little potential value in employing a consultant.

Preferred Book to take definitions and info from :-
OaMahoney, Joe. (2010) Management Consultancy. (First Edition) Oxford University Press: Englanda?ISBN-13 978-0-19-957718-7