Iscuss how my knowledge and skillshave developed to enable me to meet the NMC requirements for registration

essay guidelines:
introduction:indicate the aims and purpose of the essay and outline the key areas for discussion
main body:within my discussion familiarity with the NMC requirements for registration must be evident with analysis of how these have been achieved within my programme of study,giving exapmles from practice.
my essay must include evidence based literature to support my discussion bearing in mind that this programme of study is designed to prepare safe and competent practitioners who are able to apply the relevant knowledge,understanding and skills necessary for public protection.
a discussion of future professional development needs is also required.
conclusion:with my conclusion I must summerise key points:what did my essay prove?summerise the arguments I put forward.
I am a nurse from Bulgaria,currently doing the supervised practice placement in Barnet Hospital-CDU/MAU(clinical decision unit/medical assessment unit),which are acute medical wards with short stay of the patients.I have started my placement on 03.10.05 and am about to finish it 03.04.06.