Iscuss how one example of media has altered public life

Your next assignment is a 1,500 word essay to be written outside of class. Responses that are more than 10% over or under this word count will be penalised.

Your task is to: Discuss how one example of media has altered public life.

What to write
Choose one medium (for example television) or piece of media within a medium (for example the I Love Lucy TV and radio show) and state how it altered society. Was it the content and how people reacted to it or the technology that caused it to have an effect? How effective was it (think NOIR)? Apply the communication theories weave been learning about to back up your answer and refer to critical texts to evaluate the type of impact it had. Did it, for example, change the way people thought about their society? If semiotics are relevant to your answer you should use the appropriate terminology. If in doubt about semiotic terms, please either see the class handout on the BlackBoard or watch my YouTube video, a?Exam Revisiona?.

Your deadline
The deadline for this assignment is Tuesday 1st May. All essays must be delivered to the HASS drop box at The Registry by 3pm and must have the standard coversheet attached and signed. Do not send or give the essays or documents to me. Late submission of work (without an appropriate reason) will be penalised in line with the criteria set out in the Regentas College Handbook and other relevant documents.

Research a secondary / critical material
Your essay must incorporate at least three different sources of critical analysis a for example theories taken from three different books. The sources for these may range from academic journals to academic books, but you must incorporate at least one academic journal. Journalism (online or not) will not be considered an appropriate source unless it is used in addition to three other sources. If in doubt, see if the author lectures at a university. You cannot consider books covering the technical and theoretical terms we have used (for example Semiotics: The Basics) as a critical text unless you are using it to expand on the information that is on the handouts you have been given and can use quotations from the books to demonstrate this. See my YouTube video, a?Essays the
Easy Way
a?, if you are unsure about how to use critical sources.

Each source must be referenced correctly, using the Harvard referencing system as stipulated in the Regentas College London Handbook. Failure to reference work appropriately will be result in loss of marks and risk investigation for plagiarism, which can result in failing the assessment. Please see the Regentas College London Handbook for information concerning plagiarism and referencing.

Your responses must be written in formal English and must not be written from a first person perspective a write a?This article shows thata¦a? rather than a?I think this media shows thata?. You must use appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar or marks will be deducted from your grade. Please also ensure your work is presented in line with the