Iscuss how one person (or character) who shares one aspect of your identity is shown interacting with others in the media

Cultural Diversity Assessment Rubric

Assessment 2: Essay 35% of final grade (Further guidance is provided overleaf)

The Task: Write a 1,500 word essay answering the following question. Papers that are more than 10% over or under this word count will be penalised and may lose up to 10% of the overall grade for the paper.

Question: Discuss how one person (or character) who shares one aspect of your identity is shown interacting with others in the media.

Deadline: Week 9, 5pm on the day of your lesson. All essays must be submitted to TurnitIn.

Learning objectives covered:

Identify their own experience of media and have a better understanding of their own cultural references.
Critically analyze media text, and image
Appreciate how the media portrays different cultures, how outsider groups are defined by the mainstream and fringe media and how they use the media to define themselves.

Checklist: your paper must include

Information about the aspect of identity that you share with the person you have chosen.
Reference to 1 media text featuring your chosen celebrity or fictional character.
In-text reference to 5 secondary critical texts of your choice. You may also use any of the theories we have already discussed in class.

Failure to include these three types of information will incur up to a 10% reduction in the grade of your paper per bullet point.

You may refer to any character or media personality that shares your identity. If you choose an example that is not from the last two years, you must state how and why they remain influential to culture and to you.

How to complete the essay:

Choose 1 celebrity or character who shares an aspect of your identity.

Choose 1 media texts featuring this celebrity or character (television shows, films, articles, advertisements or social networking) interacting with a character who does not share their (and your) identity trait.

Use the PEE formula to structure your essay.

In your introduction, state what identity aspect you share with the person or character you area analysing.

Analyse how they interact with the other people or characters within that media text.

Discuss how this representation impacts on culture and on your perception of the identity aspect you share.