Iscuss how Porter s 5 Force model might contribute to a SWOT analysis.

It will NOT be sufficient to simply describe SWOT and the Porter model.
Your assignment should include examples to illustrate/emphasise points you are making.

” Any diagrams etc may be appended and will not be included in the word count
” A good answer will demonstrate a wide range of reading around the subject/topic (including some from other modules where appropriate).
” A good answer will incorporate relevant examples which clearly demonstrate the point(s) being made.
” A good answer will demonstrate understanding of the concepts of  SWOT and Porter s 5 Force model as applied to organisations.
” A good answer will embrace associated concepts and theories and demonstrate clearly the links between such concepts.
Fundamentals of Strategy, G Johnson, K Scholes, R Whittington, 2009, FT Prentice-Hall.