Iscuss how the cooperative efforts of countries can solve the issue of illegal immigration.

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Topic : Discuss how the cooperative efforts of countries can solve the issue of illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is a serious issue that many countries are facing/ struggling with. Illegal immigration requires collaborative work/efforts to solve this issue by developing the economy of poor countries and changing immigration laws. ( thesis statement)
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Developed countries can collaborate with underdeveloped ones through investments or loans as a support for their economy. For example, spain is full of illegal immigrants from Africa who are looking for a better life that is not always the case. Discussing ways of developing economy between Spain or Europe and African governments is an effective path to overcome this issue. This can be done through European investments and loans to build factories and companies in the poor areas and create more jobs for its citizens and improve the conditions of living.

Tightening immigration laws is sometimes the real reason behind illegal immigration. That is to say, rich countries make it hard for unskilled workers to find opportunities to get a job. As a result, the only way they think of solving this issue is crossing illegally to the host country or staying after their tourist visa expires. Developed countries need to modify these laws by working together with poor countries. Developed countries can issue temporary work visa for these immigrants to stay legally and leave the country willingly because they know they can return again after some time. Moreover, USA lottery visa program is good example of global cooperation in that countries have agreements with USA that allow them to bring their citizens to USA and live permanently therea¦a¦a¦a¦

Developing economy and changing the laws of immigration are two initiatives that allow both developed and underdeveloped countries work together and give opportunities to poor citizens to seek a better life without breaking the laws of developed countries or living a miserable life.