Iscuss how the treaties might relate to custom, as well as the alleged existence of hierarchy among the sources of international law.

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Module title: International Law
Submission Guidelines from the Lecturer:
The assignment must have footnotes.
Plagiarism and copying from any outside source will not be accepted.
The very minimum requirements of a law essay are an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
Introduction. As a very rough guide the introduction will represent about 10% of the word count, outlining perhaps a brief interpretation of the question and what you intend to cover in the essay. An alternative introduction would be the presentation of relevant assumptions /statements that you will seek to examine and discuss within your essay.
Body. The body of the answer, accounting for the majority of the word count, should demonstrate your understanding of the area and develop your argument. It is a good idea to keep referring explicitly to the question asked and not to outline the relevant information in the form of a?textbooka presentation. Unless you try to discuss, analyze and if appropriate critically approach the relevant issues, your essay will not stand out.
Conclusion. The conclusion for the essay style questions will represent about 10-15% of your word count. This must summarise your main findings and points, and points, and usually will reach a conclusion and answer the question set, which must be consistent with your findings and arguments in the body of the essay. You should never introduce new points or material in the conclusion. However, it is also possible to add some extra but relevant points for thought. (i.e. make recommendations)