Iscuss how you could achieve the ideas presented in Emersons i??Self-Reliancei?? (up to the first 18 paragraphs) in todays world. NO SOURCE

1)First, explain in your own words what self-reliance is as Emerson describes it.

2) Second, explain in your own words at least three obstacles to achieving self-reliance as Emerson describes them in the essay. Then discuss how these relate to life today and your life in particular. Your personal discussion might factor in if you come from a culture other than America. (I came from Togo, West Africa)

3)Finally, imagine what steps you could take to achieve self-reliance. What would a self-reliant life look like today? Are there any ways that your ideas differ from Emersons? If so, why?


This is meant as an opportunity to be creative, but you must at the same time demonstrate that you understand the essay (up to the first 18 paragraphs).