Iscuss how you think we should approach globalization.

Please follow all the rules that I posted, and I will post source and do not use outside source.
1. Do have an introduction, body paragraphs with one main idea each, and a conclusion.
2. Do write succinctly and clearly.
3. Do have a clear argument that you include in the introduction.
4. Do turn your paper in on time. Late papers are deducted 3 points for each day late.
5. Do follow the formatting instructions above. Papers that do not meet the length requirements will be deducted accordingly.
6. Do visit the Writing Center on campus if you have difficulty writing papers.
7. Do proofread. Papers filled with mechanical errors will be deducted.
8. Donat turn your paper in late. Itas silly to lose points on an easy paper.
9. Donat plagiarize. Seriously. Just donat. If you are using another personas ideas you must give them credit! Any student who plagiarizes or engages in academic dishonesty in any way will receive a zero and be referred to university authorities