Iscuss in detail how a landlord can protect his rent flow during the property cyclea? Using UK law and Proactive Management

Remember it is essential that you state the relevant law, and support your arguments with reference to statutory or judicial (case law) authority where available and appropriate.
Wherever you quote, acknowledge your source (including case citations where appropriate). Make use of the University guidance on a?referencing your worka. Do NOT write out extended chunks of any text book or other source material.
You are being particularly asked to demonstrate compliance with the following three criteria.
1. Ability to identify, and thoroughness of understanding of, the relevant legal principles, including the ability (in a a?situation-typea case) to distinguish how particular legal principles are applied (or found not to apply) according to the facts at issue
2. Depth of research in support of your arguments; use of sources.
3. Clarity, legibility and correctness of written expression, particularly in the communication of sophisticated and complex arguments