Iscuss interventions in relation to Mrs. M.s fears of death. ( END OF LIFE CARE )

The following is the case study and the above is the question to be answered based on the case. This case is related to the Nursing course so please answer it based on the nursing intervention and assessment.

Case Study:

A 45 year old Portuguese female, Mrs. M., with a 3 year history of squamous cell cancer of the cervix presents with severe pain in the perineum. The patient lives at home with 6 children ranging in age 5 to 18. she speaks little English. Examination of the perineum reveals inflamed excoriated tissue from labia to the rectum. Additionally, stool appears to extrude from the vagina.
Prior to her discharge to home hospice, Mrs. M. admits to the nurse that she is very afraid to die. When questioned further, she describes concerns regarding her children s care as well as her own guilt for having child prior to marriage.