Iscuss issues related to the role of Corrections in the USA.

Discuss issues related to the role of Corrections in the USA.
Compare and contrast county, state, and federal corrections.
Discuss eligibility requirements for entry-level positions in county, state, and federal correctional agencies.
Discuss initial and continuing training.
What are the major issues facing corrections?
What corrections programs work to reduce recidivism?
Discuss the relevance of corrections subculture, corruption, ethics, and mental and physical dangers.

Paper instructions:
The research paper is required to be a minimum of 12-13 pages in length, including the title and reference pages. Papers should include a title/cover page, an introduction, body, a summary/conclusion, and a reference page. Papers must be typed, double spaced with 1-inch margins. A minimum of 10 primary sources is required, including journals, books, and other appropriate source material. Use MLA or APA style for your citations. All source material must be properly cited in the body of the paper using APA or MLA.