Iscuss one aspect of social exclusion in contemporary britain –

the essay focuses on one aspect of social exclusion in old age in contemporary britain. i am focusing on work/retirement and how they can be socially excluded.

it is a 2500 word essay and the criteria is as follows:

·be well-focused to allow for in-depth analysis, yet topic set in a mapped out context,

·have a clear structure,

·be sociological throughout, referring to key issues and debates,

·contain relevant and up to date evidence eg patterns and trends,

·include a critical analysis of and application of relevant sociological concepts, models, theories (emphasis is analytical rather than just descriptive). This is a key aspect

·be well-referenced, with sources stated, key writers or works cited,

·build a balanced argument in relation to the aims and in the light of the critique of theories,

·refer to implications of your analysis of this topic eg for social policy, further sociological research,

·demonstrate originality, draw from other relevant learning or experiences,

·have a strong conclusion.