Iscuss Othellos relationship with Desdemona. Does he truly love her?

Your assignment should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the play and particular characters within it.It should be written in formal English, using correct grammar,spelling and punctuation, and it should include relevant quotes from the text.

Your assignment should be presented in size 12 font, double spaced and printed on one side only.

Grading Descriptor:
1. Understanding of Subject
a.Demonstrates an excellent grasp of the relevant knowledge base. Show understanding of the play as a performance,using appropriate quotations.

2. Application of Knowledge:
c.Excellent levels of insight.Shows insight into the play.

3. Communication and Presentation:
a.Shows excellent command of referencing.Referenced properly using correct style.

a.Taken as a whole, demonstrates an excellent response to the demands of the brief.


1.1. Analyse the content and structure of the text showing understanding of implicit meaning.
1.2. Express own opinions and preferences, supporting views effectively and logically by reference to the text.
1.3. Demonstrate an in depth understanding of how language, structure and style are used by the writer to convey meaning and how these affect the readers response.
2.1. Demonstrate ability to structure written and oral work clearly.
2.2. Demonstrate the ability to express her/himself coherently and clearly.
2.3. Demonstrate technical skills in writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

ALL Assessment criteria MUST be fulfilled