Iscuss physical wellbeing is determined by psychological factors

Instructions to candidates: You must complete one SIX page essay (not including references). Please ensure that your student number is in the header on each page of your essay and that the pages are numbered. Do not include your name anywhere within the essay or in the name of the uploaded file.

This coursework is to be submitted online as a PDF file using the link on the DLE (Moodle). The deadline for uploading this assignment is NOON on Thursday February 19th 2015.

Answer this Question:

Evaluate the statement i??Physical wellbeing is determined by psychological factorsi??. Illustrate your answer with appropriate examples.Your essay should have a brief introductory paragraph, but do not waste space with overgeneral background information. You should end your essay with a firm concluding paragraph that sums up your argument; this is not a recapitulation or summary of the essay, but a conclusion that follows logically from the material and evidence you have presented. It is a very good idea to know what your conclusion is going to be before you start writing the essay!

In between the introduction and the conclusion comes the heart of the essay: your argument. Plan it point by point, and make sure your points follow on logically from each other. Marks will be lost if the paragraphs could be rearranged into any other order, as it will show that you do not have a good structure to your argument!

Every assertion or claim about psychological facts should be supported by citing evidence, ideally from a published paper in a psychology journal or from publically available and reliable sources. Citations of textbooks, encyclopaedias and web sites are less i??scholarlyi?? as you should be finding the original sources that these places are drawing their information from, rather than relying on second hand accounts. Do not cite lecture handouts.

Each essay must include a reference list at the end of the essay, listing all sources cited in the text. This list must be in APA format (not Harvard i?? again, see handbook). Referencing errors will reduce your mark. This page does not count towards the page limit.