Iscuss positive representations of Islam in early modern literature.

In this essay you must do the following:

1. To examine how post-Reformation England interacted with the Muslim world and how this interaction was depicted in drama, prose and poetry.
2. To explore the different ways in which post-Reformation England redefined itself in the wider context of religious controversy throughout the known world.
3. To explore the early modern understanding of what it meant to be Muslim, how Muslims were viewed from afar and when they came to English soil.
4. To analyse the preconceptions, stereotypes and reassessments of Islamic tradition that manifested prolifically across early modern literature.

I have put my preferred question in the title but below I will attach the other titles you can do. If you are more knowledgeable in another area or find another question easier then do no hesitate to begin that one. They are;

1. Consider the ways in which pamphlet literature was used to redefine  Englishness during the early modern period of overseas expansion and trade.

2.  Christianity is a religion of the book. During the early modern period, why were Muslims perceived to be in error by English Christians? Consider, in particular, their references to sacred texts.

3.  Antichrist cannot be a Christian but must be a sect of men. (Richard Franklin) Why was the definition of  Antichrist such a crucial point of discussion for early modern English pamphleteers?

4. In an age of discovery, how was the interaction between Muslim and Christian nations portrayed in English literature? Your answer should refer both to the ways in which they interacted (eg., through trade) and the genre chosen in which to describe these interactions (eg., a prose pamphlet or in a play).

5. Discuss positive representations of Islam in early modern literature.

6. Discuss representations of  turning in early modern literature. (I.e., Christians  turning Muslim and/or Muslims  turning Christian.)

Please contact me if you are having any trouble. It is really important that I get a first class or a very high second class in this essay.
The Christian Turned Turk or The Renegado are the primary text. Choose ONE, and focus on that in detail.

Extract (you must use in detail also) Women and Islam In Early Modern English Literature (chapter 3 from page 52 to 77)

Extract (you must use in detail also) Religions of the Book: early modern editions of sacred texts

In addition Read: The introduction and extracts from Ross first English edition of The Alcoran (primary text; handbook)

Secondary Reading

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