Iscuss post-humanism and the fears concerning it that are addressed in pop culture.

These pretain to Post-Humanism to the Alien Films

IV. Post-human critique

A. Cathartic against our fears of cloning, artificial intelligence, other forms of life.

B. Designed by H.R. Giger, used combinations of human and animal bones in construction of Alien and the sets. Called it biomechanic, meaning the creature is constructed of both biological and mechanical parts.

C.  Mother is post human, because she is a computer, but cares for the crew as a mother would.

D. Mother betrays them by sending them to investigate the alien: affirms our fears that posthuman mothers don t have the normal compassion of a human mother.

E. The relationship between Ash, the android and Ripley highlights the post-human: He betrays the crew, is the ultimate company man.

F. Elephantine pilot: his size is inhuman, he and his ship are nearly indistinguishable. Biology and machine are blurred.

G. Both humans and pilot are placed in opposition to the truly strange alien. All life forms are vulnerable when faced with the alien.

H. Alien is frightening because:

1. Confused sexual identity, no genitals (doesn t need them; no sex act takes place). Challenges the idea of procreation through sexual coupling.

2. When it reproduces, it blends its genetic material with the host s body.

I. Reminds us of the dangers of unchecked technology; the uncontrolled recombination of life forms can lead to monstrous disaster.


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