Iscuss principles of teaching and learning in relation to a teaching session and reflect on the experience of teaching a student or a patient

Introduction: Introduce the topic and what the essay will cover (learning outcomes)

Role of the nurse: Discuss the role of the nurse as educator (700 words)

Discuss the application of principle of teaching and learning (700 words)
a? Rationale for teaching plan
a? Relevant pedagogic theory ( teaching theory)
a? Explain why you chose your approach to teaching session
a? Explain process of learning
a? Explain process of teaching ( blooms taxonomy,aims and learning out comes,surface/ deep learning ,different teaching strategies
a? Impact of the teaching environment
a? Relevance of heath promotion theory

Reflect on teaching a patient and the family where you spoke slow and fast, also being nervous. use Gibbs model of reflection
a? How you felt
a? Analysis and evaluation overall

Conclusion: summary