Iscuss Rousseaus ideas about human nature

Dear writter, please kindly follow these instructions for this peace of work.
1. This work is an interpretative essay, which means that, you are going to disscuss only five books sources that are relivant to the above topic.
At least one of this sources Most be a primary source i.e. books writting by Rousseau himself.

2.This is a proposser like an article rewiew. whereby, one will discuss what he agrees or disagrees whith the writters both from the primary or secoundery sources.
This includes Rousseaus phillosophy on, Freedom, inequality, Moral justice and all Rousseaus phillosophical ideas on how society has corrupt human nature and also, how Enlightenment has corrupted human beings.

Note that, hence this is a preparatory essay, explanations to areas that will be covered while writting the main essay will also mentioned, e.g comparing, other phillosophers ideas such as Adam smith, Hobbes, John Lock, Humme and so on.

3. All references must be in the harvard referencing system and any sources quote must be quotation marks “………………….”,

4. It must be Ariel and 12 font ,

pages must numbered in the middle down side of the page.

You must discuss the relevance of these five sources to the topic all the way through the essay/rewiew.

Please always contact me if any query.


Iscuss Rousseaus ideas about human nature

The Essay should be written in the Havard referencing system all book page numbers should be shown on the body of the essay i.e. ( McCleand, 2008,p33). The biblograghy should be sould also be done using the Harvard reerencing system.
you must use such books as:
1. Jean-Jacque rousseau, Discourse on the origin of Inequality. You can get it on Line at htm.
2.Jean-Jaque Rouseau, Emile, book 1 and 5.
3. Robert Wokler, Rousseau
4.John plamenatz, Man and society, Vol 1, chapter 10
5. Roland Grimsley, The philosophy of Rousseau.
6.N J H Dent, Rousseau: an introduction.

Please ensure you use these soureces.
You talk about Rousseaus ideas about:
Social contrast,
The effect of Enlightenment on human socity and on human life.
You should be able to talk about other political phillosopher how they differ from Rousseaus view i.e Locke,Thomas Hobbes, Humme and many other phillosophers.
There should be intellectual argument as Rousseau belife that enlightent and mondernity is responsible for the corruption of human moral values. Thus Rousseau said…Man is born civilised but dies a slave.
He believes that man in the state nature is inocent but became corrupt due to societal technological advancement,

Please explain all Rosseau view about human nature all and all and contrast him with the views from other greate phillosophers.
Please ensure you use 20 sources mostly book but few websites including the books I have listed above.