Iscuss s 51(xx) of the Australian Constitution the Corporation Power

The actual question will be attached in a separate document for better viewing. Helpful ideas/research resources are also included in that document.


1) Citations should appear in footnotes.
2) Nothing apart from citations should appear in footnotes or endnotes.
3) Headings/subtitles should be used for clarity.
4) This essay MUST be the writers original work. It will be submitted online and automatically compared to all available sources on the internet, so if there is anything thats not footnoted when it should, it will be deemed plagiarising someone elses work.


1) This essay should include at least 10 different primary materials. Primary materials include legislation, cases and other primary sources. Secondary materials generally include articles and books which should be listed separately.

2) All materials must be Australian. Except when comparing to the U.S., in which case, U.S. legislation/cases/journal articles may be used.

2) All materials consulted must be listed in an annotated bibliography. Please place an asterisk (*) between 4 and 6 sources that you determine are most central to your research. These starred items must be annotated with a short statement of:

a) how you located that item (e.g. through a casebook extract (and if so which); through a reference or footnote in another item (and if so which); through a search for an index or database (and if so which); through a web search (and if so which, and searching for what)

b) how you checked that that item was relevant and up-to-date (e.g. not amended or overruled); and

c) why you have determined that this source is a central source in answering your question.

This annotated bibliography should be appended to the ended of the assignment, and should no longer than a page (250 words). This is the 11th page of the assignment.