Iscuss Seamus Heaneys representation of the future.

This is for a section of my English dissertation which deals with the poetry of Twentieth Century Irish Poets. I am already writing on 2 other poets for other sections but would like you to look at the work of Seamus Heaney for me. You may choose which poetry of his you wish to use but some recommendations I have are as follows:

The Thought-Foxwhich shows how poetry allows the progression of the poets thoughts for the future.

The Backward Lookas the future occurs the past is disappearing.

Followerhighlights the way family relationships can be a burden and prevent the poet from Free movement and personal development”.

Squarings ostensibly involved with society but then goes on to suggest religious themes and notions of the afterlife.

 Poetry cannot afford to lose its fundamentally selfdelighting inventiveness, its joy in being a process of language as well as a representation of things in the world.

Although poetry serves the purpose of immortalising the poet s name, it also serves other more important purposes. Also some quotes I have found in books which you may wish to incorporate (I can reference these myself once I receive the completed essay):

Poetry is  something capable of increasing in value over the whole course of a lifetime.

Poetry can  recover a past and  prefigure a future  it can not only allow the audience an insight into life at the time the poem was written, but it can also be  strong enough to help with future cultural, sexual, social, and political situations.

My view throughout my work is that the notion of Futurecan mean anything from the future of Ireland after a state of war and chaos, the personal future of the poet, the future of all humankind as in ideas of the afterlife etc. These are just a few ideas I wish to include but obviously they need a lot of developing. Also please make sure the analysis of each poem is as detailed as possible in relation to the assignment title. Thank you.
I need exact sources to be referenced i.e. book titles, author, publication date, publication place. And the same with all sources like websites or whatever it is you choose to use. Also quotations from poems MUST be included as with quotations from secondary material such as critics which discuss this topic.