Iscuss slavery and Racism in the Kate Chopins Work Desirees Baby”

Hi. I want you to write a research paper for me(in the MLA style). I wrote my outline below and I want you to write the searchpaper according to my outline and thesis statement.

THESIS STATEMENT : Racism reflected in the story Desirees Babycreates a big gap for many generations because of the segregation, isolation, aliniation in the society.


I. Introducion
A. About the term Slavery”

II. About the term Racism”
A. Racism in the society
1.Black Americans
a)Effects of Racism

2.Racism in the story

III Conclusion

this is my must write my research paper can use quotations from the authors or books but please write write it where you take it from in the work citied page. You can use many sources but use them in the mla style. For example when you write about the histroy of slavery or racism after giving the background, connect it to the story Desirees Baby, make connections with the story..You can also enlarge my outline but you must stick with my research paper topic and my thesis statement.