Iscuss some issue of local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

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Global warming is an issue of international concern. There is a consensus in the scientific community that global warming is a real problem. It is important for everyone to know what global warming is and what it can do so we can help save the Earth for ourselves, the people around us and our children. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. Global warming can have detrimental effects on Earth. It changes temperatures, which can even cause the spread of diseases. It can increase droughts and heat waves and it causes the polar ice caps to melt. Because of what global warming can do to the world, it is an important issue that people of the world should be concerned with.
Global warming is produced by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect happens when the sun radiates energy to Earth. The Earth radiates most of this energy back into space but a lot of the energy stays in the Eartha€™s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide absorb some of this energy, trapping it, so the energy does not leave the atmosphere. Because of this, there is more heat and energy around the Eartha€™s surface which makes the Eartha€™s average temperature higher and causes global warming.
People cause an increase in the greenhouse effect (and global warming) by burning fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon and hydrogen, which react with the oxygen in the air to produce carbon dioxide and heat. Carbon dioxide and heat contribute to increasing global warming. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas because it is the most plentiful. The emissions from carbon dioxide have caused more than half of the global warming. These emissions are problematic because they stay in the atmosphere for a long time, decreasing the amount of energy radiated from the Eartha€™s surface.
So, it is important to decrease the amount of fossil fuel burned and the amount of carbon dioxide produced. I have written to my legislators to enact the following legislation: tax large SUVa€™s and give tax rebates to owners of small cars based on their fuel efficiency. 2.To tax companies that are energy wasters and give rebates to energy conservers. 3.To subsidize research on hydrogen powered cars.
Deforestation also causes global warming. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Deforestation increases the carbon dioxide in the air which causes global warming. I have tried to increase public awareness of the loss of forests by talking at the local conservation group.
Global warming is a problem for the people living today and for people who will live in the future. If people continue to burn many fossil fuels, there will be more greenhouse gases in the air, which will cause the average global temperature to increase. Since there are so many noxious effects of global warming, everyone should try to limit their use of fossil fuels and the resultant greenhouse gases, to save the Earth for all posterity.