Iscuss terrorism conducted in the interest of environmental causes(ecoterrorism).How can ecoterrorism be stopped?

Requirements (in this order):

1. Length: 10 full pages of text, Font: Times New Roman 12-piont, Margins: 1 inch all around.

2. List of works Cited: must actually cite 15 academically sound sources in paper and list all of them in the list of works cited.

Internet sources: maximum of four

Requirements for in-text (parenthetical) citations books: Must cite to the page number or numbers that apply. Each citation should be no more than one-to-three pages.

Requirement for in-text (parenthetical) citations for journal articles: the rule for books applies to journal articles UNLESS the particular electronic database does not have pages numbers.

Cannot be any type of plagiarisms
Don t copy text in whole or in part from anything. Instead paraphrase.
Penalty for Plagiarizing is a failing grade!!!
Don t use direct Quotes, Please !!!
Must use MLA format and ALWD for legal sources in the list of works cited