Iscuss the advantages and disadvantages of the rational decision-making model?

This assignment requires you to develop sound academic writing skills. You are
required to critically consider the essay question and find supporting evidence for your
answer. In answering the topic you must:
Use a minimum of five (5) academic sources. These may be textbooks and/or
journal articles that are peer reviewed. Further details on peer-review journals
can be found at the FAQ link on the website.
Not contain long direct quotes from your sources.
Reference the ideas you have taken from your readings. Please note that
essays are checked for copying/plagiarism.
Ensure referencing is consistent with the a?Harvard-Author Datea? a Please use
this link
The length of the essay is 1500 words +/10%. The count does not include the
reference list or the title page.
Please ensure you understand the essay feedback sheet to understand the
criteria that will be used to mark the essay. A copy of the feedback sheet and
the associated weighting can be found on the course website in Moodle.