Iscuss the approach to implementing a Environmental Management System (EMS) and how it would be applied to a UK univeristy.

I would like the paper in UK university style. The essay needs to include the following responses:
(1) What is an EMS, why should an EMS be developed and what are the costs and benefits?
(2) What are the pros and cons of using an EMS standard and becoming certified? Which approach would you recommend to a university and why?
(3) What is an Environmental Policy, why is it important and how would you develop one?
(4) Who would have responsibilities under an EMS, what are those responsibilities and what tactics could you use to facilitate this involvement?
(5) What are objectives and targets and what do you need to consider in setting them?
(6) What are the uses of environmental data, what are environmental performance indicators and how would you select and implement your environmental performance indicators?
(7) What are the potential risks to successfully implementing an EMS? How might these be overcome? How will you define a successful outcome and what positive steps could you take to achieve this?