Iscuss the arguments for and against requiring accounting and economic reform as a condition for IMF/World Bank support by way of loans/aid.


There is no international consensus regarding this issue. The process of Structural Adjustment Programmes has proved very controversial and you should consider arguments around the success and failure of these in the past and the issues these raise.

ALL the material you have studied for the module up to date is relevant, particular that since your first assignment.

You should examine the issues from the viewpoint of the International Financial Institutions (IMF/WB), the recipient countries and NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations such as Oxfam).

As there is no consensus this is particularly challenging as it is the strength of your arguments and understanding of the issues that are being assessed. You will come to a conclusion but that will usually depend on the weighting you put on different conflicting issues.

DO NOT TRY TO SECOND GUESS THE LECTURERS VIEWPOINTS as from past experience this approach has led to students concluding something contrary to the arguments submitted in the assignment.
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